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How to Turn Your Apartment’s Balcony into a Private Sanctuary?

Lounging on your apartment’s balcony is the perfect way to relax. However, if new neighbours have recently moved into the vacant multi-story apartment next door that offers direct views into your balcony, your privacy might be badly affected. But don’t worry, you can keep those wandering eyes at bay with some clever tips and tricks. Here are some easy-to-implement balcony privacy ideas for your apartment.


Blocking your neighbour’s view without making it obvious to them is tricky. Moreover, it is important to select privacy options that look presentable from a distance. You don’t want to compromise on the outlook of your apartment just to create a private spot. To inspire you, here is a quick rundown of the best balcony privacy ideas for your apartment.

  • Outdoor curtains
  • Hanging chair
  • Trellis screen
  • Railing
  • Tall outdoor plants
  • Fountain on the balcony
  • Roll-up shades for your balcony
  • Bamboo privacy screens
  • Retractable privacy screen

Let us discuss these in more detail.


Even if you have a small apartment, you can achieve a luxurious ambience while enjoying perfect solitude with outdoor hanging curtains. There are a variety of them available in the market. Choose curtains that are fade-resistant, mildew-proof and impervious to water. That way you wouldn’t have to keep changing the curtains very often. Addition of curtains on your balcony railing will not only protect you from prying eyes, but also give a homey feeling and create a cosy spot – perfect to grab your favourite read and enjoy some quiet quality time all by yourself.


You can place a hanging chair on your balcony

A swinging chair is what every homeowner wants in their balcony. But your happiness of swinging at leisure will be dampened if there are nosy neighbours watching over you. Try using the hanging chair to your benefit. Instead of positioning it facing the balcony, place it in a way that your neighbours could only see the back of the chair. It is literally showing your back to the world that works here!


You can create a floor-to ceiling balcony privacy screen with a trellis. Run a creeper on the trellis so that it gets covered with beautiful flowers. It is perhaps one of the best presentable balcony privacy ideas. The creeper on the trellis also gives a tropical vibe so that you can enjoy a private spot but at the same time enjoy the greenery and colourful flowers blooming in the backdrop. On side note, the flowering creeper can act as a photo booth for any special occasion or event.


Make a private spot using metal railing

Install a metal railing that can create a barrier for your neighbours. The metal can block your neighbour’s view effectively and give a modern touch to your outdoor setup. It is also a minimalist design that is simple and easy to implement and requires zero maintenance.


Outdoor plants on your balcony can be an effective barrier

Balcony privacy ideas are not only limited to screens put across railings. Even for a small balcony, you can do a lot to shield curious eyes from invading your private space. How about placing tall hollyhocks, aromatic lemon grass, hanging petunia pots or growing your favourite veggies in containers on your balcony. This way while creating your private space, you can turn your balcony into a tropical paradise!


Even if your neighbour can not see your balcony directly, you might be bothered by their chatter, the sound of the buzzing generator or honking cars on the road. All of this can badly affect your privacy. How about placing a gurgling fountain on your balcony? The sound of flowing water has a soothing effect on the nerves and can definitely help make your apartment’s balcony more private.


More commonly known as ‘chik’, these roll-up shades for your balcony not only look chic, but they also help produce a cool environment. Perfect in the sweltering heat, when it becomes hard to fully benefit from any outdoor space, the roll-up shades provide dual protection from the prying eyes and also from the piercing sun rays. You can fully enjoy the privacy of your balcony, while at the same time you don’t need to put on any sunscreen lotion to sit in your apartment’s balcony.


This is also a popular balcony privacy idea for your apartment. Place free-standing bamboo privacy screens that are easy to use and can be folded when not needed. You can also use it indoors as a room divider. Bamboo is a natural material and the screen made out of bamboo gives a beautiful outlook.


This outdoor folding privacy screen comprises two steel poles with a stretchable wall in between. The installation requires you to drill holes and attach the steel poles to the ground. The fact that you can easily unfold this privacy screen whenever you want makes it best suited for outdoors.

So, this concludes our piece on balcony privacy ideas for flats. You should also check out the best privacy ideas for your backyard. Check out how you can make balcony safe for kids and balcony flooring ideas. Don’t forget to check out our page on a regular basis to stay abreast with the latest real estate trend of Pakistan. Subscribe to the Newsletter appearing on the right hand side of the page. We would love to have your feedback on so do write to us and we will surely get back to you!